We undertake the preparation of structural design large or small building projects with a bearing structure of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, wood as well as mixed or composite structures of the above materials.

We also earthquake buildings rehabilitation studies, assessment of existing bearing structure (eg change of use cases) and repair or aid studies.


The preparation of the study of a new building, made in three stages:

  1. After receipt of architecture premeditated placed within the architectural plans structural elements of the bearing structure (beams, columns, walls, stiffening joints), made proposals for the optimal static system and the original formwork which designed and sent to you electronically.
  2. After contacting you (phone or e-mail), following optimization of formwork considering criteria architectural, construction, regulatory, organizational etc.
  3. After finalizing the education of the bearing structure, following the final project application to be sent to you electronically and by post in duplicate (formwork drawings and calculation reports).


Each static study accompanied by the documents calculations and formwork drawings in duplicate, and a copy of the study records in electronic form.