It is assumed that an analysis software package design and construction, as reliable and is necessary but not sufficient condition for the completeness of a static study. Furthermore, in no circumstances may a static program to replace the scholar Structural Engineering. But when the appropriate software is combined with experience and expertise, it is useful and necessary tool for realistic simulation, accurate analysis and safe design of structures.


When preparing a large number of studies from 1996 to today, we have used and experimented with several analysis and design packages to be accomplished every time the best possible result in terms of security and the economy.


So our agency has statutory licenses of the following static programs:

  1. ETABS της CSI
  2. EC-PRAXIS της GSI-Hellas
  3. KANEPE Extended της GSI-Hellas
  4. SCADA της ACE-Hellas
  5. HOLOBIM της π-systems
  6. NEXT της Computec Software
  7. Autometal της CCS
  8. Beton Express, Fedra, Wood express της RUNET Software