Prepared studies of buildings of any kind or size with bearing structure of reinforced concrete. Particular emphasis is given to the rational education of the structural system of the bearing structure since this depends initially desired seismic behavior of each construct.

The studies are based either on the Greek regulations (EAK 2003 E.K.O.S. 2000) or to Eurocodes (EC2 and EC8).

If required, other conventional methods of linear static or dynamic analysis, is feasible and analysis by non-linear methods (e.g. pushover, histories, etc.) for a better estimation of the structural response.

If and where required, eg regularization or legalization of illegal buildings, there is the possibility of developing valuation study based on the regulations in force at the time of construction period.

Particular emphasis is given to the detailed design of the formwork which are beyond the general details required, enriched where chargeability with additional construction details so that you not only permit easy implementation of the study on the construction site and be economy during construction. So at every level, designed with precision longitudinal reinforcement of beams and if required it is possible to design the blanks of the beams for each beam and for each level as well as the pension reinforcement panel for the entire project.