Developed static studies of buildings with structural unreinforced system diazomatiki or reinforced masonry.

The walls can be constructed from natural or artificial masonry units and allow the static system involvement flexible vertical or horizontal reinforced concrete elements (columns-beams) but little or no strain by horizontal actions.

The analysis is done either by the Greek Antiseismic Regulation (EAK 2003) or by Eurocode 8 (Seismic Design).

Verification of load-bearing walls that make up the structural system is based on Eurocode 6 in conjunction with the respective national appendix.

The simulation of bearing walls always done with finite elements and there is the possibility of using linear elements (rods) that simulate the reinforced concrete horizontal or vertical friezes.

Particular emphasis is given to the rules and limitations of education walls bearing structural system after building forms made with structural elements from steel or reinforced concrete is not possible to build with masonry. So, the best is at the stage of architectural design, to meet some basic design rules in order to ensure the satisfactory response of the structure to seismic actions.