Our office is located in Aigio in Achaia. Flanked by engineers with extensive experience in the design and construction of building projects.


Our primary purpose is to produce structural design of building and supervision of building work on the bearing structure, whether it is new construction or repair / strengthening existing.


Since 1996 we started to date has successfully developed a large number of studies of either the public or private sector (houses, apartment buildings up to 10 floors, churches, industrial or handicraft buildings, office buildings or stores, grandstands, metal or composite structures and repairs or aid earthquake victims or not buildings).


We undertake studies not only in Achaia but also in the entire country since the use of the Internet, distance is no longer an obstacle to studies.


It is also possible to prepare studies based on Eurocodes and other EU states, since both have the expertise and on the other software that supports the respective National Appendices.


Responsible engineer: Lambis Triandafyllopoulos, Civil Engineer, University of Patras



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