Prepared assessment studies of existing structures (eg cases static adequacy of use or finding change, additions floors etc.) as well as rehabilitation and support studies earthquake buildings or buildings with erosion, subsidence etc.

Particular emphasis is given to the choice of mode of intervention and aid. Performed parametric analyzes various intervention strategies to yield solution with satisfactorily rehabilitation or support in combination with the lowest cost taking into account and characteristics that are likely to meet in building reinforcement works (construction difficulties, speed of completion work, accommodation occupants or building operation during the work etc.).

He has studied, supervised and constructed a large number of damaged buildings in the Aigion earthquake in 1995, Athens in 1999 and the wider region of Achaia and Ilia in 2008, thus acquiring great experience in the field of repairs and payments. Available appropriate equipment for collecting the data required before the study with destructive or non methods (coring, Non-Destructive).

The studies are based on Eurocode 8 Part 3 for bearing structure with masonry or steel construction elements and for buildings of concrete buildings is implementation of Eurocode 8 Part 3, in conjunction with surgery Regulation (KAN.EPE.).